Urban Arrow Family Baby Transport

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We’ve ordered an Urban Arrow Family cargo bike recently. We want to transport our groceries as well as two kids. The larger one can sit properly while the young one is still a baby and needs special equipment for a secure transport.


Urban Arrow offers several options for a baby transport:

Maxi Cosi babyseat adapter

The Maxi Cosi babyseat adapter is quite expensive with 199 Euros and requires a compatible babyseat. We don’t have one and buying an used one just for the bike was out of question, as this would add at least another 100 Euros to the setup.

C15 Child Seat Adapter Family

The C15 Child Seat Adapter Family costs only 109 Euros and enables you to add regular bicycle seats. We currently use a Thule RideAlong which is mounted to our bicycles seat post. This solution might be working for older kids but not for babies.

Rear Carrier Essential

The Rear Carrier Essential costs only 89 Euros and can carry up to 30kg. This would be a nice solution if we would have had a bicycle seat like [Hamax Caress]{https://hamaxusa.com/product/caress/} with the Carrier adapter. But again, this would have required us to buy a new seat as well as limited space inside the cargo box. Additionally, our bicycle merchand said that Urban Arrow doesn’t have the official certification to carry additional childs on the back.

Melia children seats

I’ve found this to be the best solution. Melia is a company from the Netherlands that specialised on several types of babyseats. The smaller one is for babies from 0 to 8 months and the bigger from 7 to 18 months. We’ve ordered the comfort plus edition from hollandbikeshop.com together with the Urban Arrow mounting set.

With shipping from Netherlands to Germany, this solution costs us about 160 Euros and offers way more flexibility. Two children can sit inside the cargo box and we still have place for the groceries.

I’ve tried it but couldn’t get the 5 point seatbelt properly working with the 3 point seatbelt mounting kit I’ve ordered.


Searching for a suitable seating solution isn’t easy. It’s too bad that the Melia seat did not work properly like I wished it would do. Maybe I’ll give it another in spring next year.

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